Illustrators unite!

The Storybooth project has moved on LOADS recently. We now have an amazing team of artists on board, working in many disciplines (including performance, music, set design, puppetry, clowning, model-making, painting, installation etc. etc.)…all of us love experimenting, making drawings, and we are all interested in making socially engaged work.

Artists collaborating on the project are Philippa Thomas, Jonny Farr, Debbie Hard, Mike Powell and Emma Powell. I’ve added links to their websites. And of course I should also add my website!

It is incredibly exciting that so many creative people are working on the project. We had a meeting this week which was great -lots of ideas and questions. And we are going to make a (very) sketchy test run of the process on Sunday at Prototype -a sketch night at the Tobacco Factory Theatre.

As for the shape of the project: well, the idea is simple -making a collaborative story through illustriaon. However, framing it is becoming more complex the more I think about it. The prototype on Sunday will be really useful to physically test the idea and understand how it will work.


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