“Dreams is like pictures in books. If I wants to make a story I have to mix up a lot of dreams together”

-the BFG

Storybooth is an illustration-installation run by a collective of Bristol artists. We are illustrators, but also theatre makers, performers, workshop facilitators, puppeteers, and poets.

In response to hand-picked-words from the wonderful folk of Bristol (i.e. you), we will make drawings, cut, glue, stick, paint, and generally be inspired to make illustrations live in the space.

Join us at The Parlour Showrooms , and participate in the creative process, share your ideas, or just come to see what happens!

*Saturday 18 May: 12noon – 530pm
*Sunday 19 May: 12noon – 430pm
*Monday 20 May: 12noon – 530pm
*Tuesday 21 May: 12noon – 430-530pm Closing Tea Party

Our resident artists will be Becca Rose, Mike Powell, Debbie Hard, Emma Powell, Jonny Farr, Gilly Chantler, and Philippa Thomas

email us if you’d like to get invovled or need more information